Ham Repair Kit (ARES)

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SWR/Wattmeter Daiwa CN-103L SWR/Pwr meter $135
Digital multimeter   $30

sub total


needle nose pliers 5" & 8" $7 & $12
soldering iron, biggest butane available. (Anything smaller and in winter at 40 below it will burn your
 fingers but not much else.)
small knife   $6
tweezers   $3
screwdrivers With bits in handle (from Electronic Connections) $15
wire cutters 4" & 8" $7 & $12
flashlight - snake neck   $15
crescent wrench   $15
slip-joint pliers   $17
hammer   $12
hex keys   $10
vice grip   $13
tape measure 25' $12
padlock to secure this toolkit $6
tool box To hold all this stuff $40

sub total

red lockout tags to flag radios to not be used while antenna or
feed line is being worked on.
duct tape   $3
electrical tape   $2
rubber vulcanizing electrical tape (for waterproof connections.  cover with standard electrical tape.) $3
wire spool of hookup wire 18 gauge insulated   $5
wide assortment of low amperage fuses and more than one physical size $15
Orange survey ribbon  to mark wire lines for visibility $6
Heat shrink tubing   $5
Matches to shrink above   $1
solder   $4
solder wick   $3
spare batteries for above flashlight   $6
spade and round wire connectors   $2
paper pad   $1
pen & pencil   $1
butaine canister for above soldering iron   $5

sub total

Anderson Power Pole connectors 30 amp pack of 10 $15
twist on electrical connectors Mariette $5
connectors - PL259 5 @ $3.59 $18
Coax - RG58 100' with two ends soldered on $25
PL259 patch cables 2 $15
bungee cords   $5
non gender specific wire - (guy wire)   $5
small electronic calculator   $5
permanent marker kit   $5
hose clamps   $3
silicone   $5
crazy glue   $6
solvent (to unstick crazy glued fingers) isopropyl alcohol & toothbrush $5
leather work gloves   $5
  sub total $122
  grand total $577

Note: Many of the smaller items are guesstimates only on the price.


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The EMCommWest "Comprehensive" Equipment and Personal Gear Checklist   The last section Miscellaneous advice is particularly useful. 


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