Alberta Linking Net Script

(Created 2006-02-13.  Updated 2007-09-17)

Repeaters to be brought up and down



Mix up the sequence of towns, cities and repeaters you ask for check ins.   I put this in north to south because frequently the net is called fro south to north.   This helps keep people on their toes and makes them feel like they aren't left out quite so much.

Net script

Bring up the repeaters.

Good evening, this is the Alberta Linking Net called at 8 pm Monday on the SARA backbone and many of the linked repeaters. My callsign is <insert call sign> and my name is <insert name>

Are there any club bulletins or announcements?

Anyone wishing to leave the net early?


ve6mhu Medicine Hat


Any mobile or portable checkins?


Calling now for check-ins from

ve6nhb Edmonton.   Announce that you've brought up the 6 meter repeater in Edmonton on 53.430 and invite hams to check in on that repeater if they have the capability.


ve6ssm Edmonton - announce that it is a 6m repeater on 53.430

ve6rjk Vegreville
ve6rep Red Deer

ve6pp Whitecourt

ve6mtr Limestone Mtn


ve6oil Calgary


ve6eid Brooks

ve6bwl Bowell

ve6hrb Foothills Linking Net


kd7jz Sweetgrass Hills

ve5nip Nipiwan  (you need to IRLP at 8:45 pm)

SARA backbone?

Late or missed?

This Evening we had  _______ Check-Ins, including Net Control.

Anyone wishing the repeaters to be left on?

Now take down the repeaters.

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