VE6RJK Decommissioning

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(Last updated 2008-06-18.  Change log at bottom of this page.)

We will be monitoring the VE6JET repeater 146.7000- or 146.52 or my cell 780 690 6848.

Directions Sherwood Park to RJK Eagle Hill site
RJK Eagle Hill site to Bidulock Farm
RJK Eagle Hill site to RJK Akazu Hill Site

Weather forecast is currently for 21 and sunny for Saturday. But we all know that will change by Friday.

Request for volunteers

Either day is just fine although both would be better. <smile>

We will be paying $40 for your fuel expense to come out from Edmonton to volunteer. Or other reasonable amount if you come from further away or other circumstance. Or call us on the VE6JET repeater 146.7000- or 146.52 or my cell 780 690 6848 either morning if you are deciding to come out that morning.

On June 21st the Eagle Amateur Radio Society of Alberta will be decommissioning the VE6RJK tower on Eagle Hill. On June 22nd we will be moving the equipment and hut and installing the new VHF repeater and UHF SARA linking radios at the new site on the Akasu hill just east of Vegreville.

While we have enough riggers to do the climbing we need volunteers for ground crew and moving equipment, antennas and feed line on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the equipment will be going to storage while other equipment will be going to the new site.Lunch and steak supper on Saturday as well as lunch on Sunday will be supplied.

A go/no go decision will be made as to the weather either on Friday evening or Saturday morning and emailed to all who've emailed me previously that they will be assisting. The riggers will *NOT* be climbing if they feel weather conditions are at all dangerous.

Only riggers with current climbing gear and certificates will be allowed to climb the tower to remove and install antennas and feed line. Folks MUST wear hard hats when working near the towers with riggers up the towers.

Don VE6JY will be in charge of his crews safety precautions for dismantling the tower.

Please email me at if you think you can come out. Note that I need to know by Saturday 10 am for how many folks for meals.

 Tony VE6MVP
President, Eagle Hill Amateur Radio Society of Alberta

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